Whatsapp Plus Vs. GB Whatsapp Apk Which Is Better For A Convenient Experience In 2024

Whatsapp Plus Vs. GB Whatsapp Apk

Introduction of GB Whatsapp

GB WhatsApp Mod APK has the extraordinary features of the official WhatsApp APK. The updated version has extra privacy options that concern the user’s privacy. People prefer the GB WhatsApp Mod APK over the official WhatsApp Mod APK due to its vast theme facility options and the excellent features like hiding the activity status and freezing the last seen Option. 

You can use multiple accounts with the latest GB WhatsApp Mod APK version in a single device. You can hide and lock the chat by the pattern or fingerprint lock system. The unique animation designs will amuse you. These designs include pictures of animals, birds, the sky, and creative Whatsapp icons. It also has the Auto reply and the pre-build messages scheduler option.           

About Whatsapp Plus Apk

The WhatsApp Plus Mod APK has a better user experience than the other versions of the Messenger app because it has an edit option for sent messages. You can change the font size and color and add or remove the text even after sending the messages. Different icon designs and images are valuable for creativity in designing your app according to your interests. You can manage everything by exploring the options in the modded APK. 

To keep the chat safe, you can turn on the backup system, which will restore your conversation if you install the app from your devices. The WhatsApp Plus APK can forward messages to multiple contacts without the forward tag. You can download the status of other contacts from the rooted status download option; also, the recording of the status option is present in the latest version. That way, you don’t need to install an app like the status saver to save or download the status.                

Features of Whatsapp Plus and GB Whatsapp Apk

Whatsapp Plus and GB Whatsapp Apk  Features

Rooted Status Download and Recording

 Both are modded APKs and have the opportunity to download and record the status. The latest version of WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp mod APK allows downloading the status video or image in your gallery by directly saving it from the root download option. It is not an accessory to having the extra app for downloading like a status saver. This Feature also available in Gold WhatsApp in Latest Version.

No Forward Tag

First GB WhatsApp Mod APK can forward the message to multiple contacts at a time without the tag. The WhatsApp Plus APK also updated the version and this feature. This feature benefits the users because they can send the same message to different people without knowing this is a forwarded message.

Changes in Sent Messages

The editing of the messages after sending option is also available in the GB Whatsapp and the WhatsApp plus APK.  You can add or remove words in the advanced version. You can remove the grammatical mistakes, making your chat beautiful and adorable. You can also use emojis, underline the text, or Italian Italian-style font.

Hide Blue and Second Tick

The GB WhatsApp Mod APK is more popular due to its privacy settings than other chatting apps like the WhatsApp Plus Mod APK. The developers have introduced this feature to make more downloads and ratings. The principal purpose of downloading the GB WhatsApp Mod APK of the people is that they want to keep themselves more private and personalized.

In this way, they can hide a blue and double-tick by the privacy options. They can hide the activity status from the contacts. For hiding, the second tick means you are not online for the people, but you can be online without knowing them.

Share Large Files

The GB WhatsApp Mod APK and the WhatsApp Plus Mod APK are installed due to sharing the files with others. You may have a community or groups of 100 people, and you can share the files of the large MBS without any limit for sharing the images. There is a higher limit of sending 100 photos on the WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk.


The latest version of both APKs, like the WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp mod, has the standard features that allow the use of the chatting app. Still, the GB WhatsApp Mod APK has more features than the WhatsApp Plus Mod APK. It provides the most security options for GB users. It has the privacy option of hiding the activity status from your contacts and hiding the blue and double tick, which the users use for those they don’t want to talk to.

There are more theme design options in the GB WhatsApp Mod APK, and large files and long status updates are present in the updated version of the GB WhatsApp Mod APK, which is not present in the WhatsApp Plus Mod APK.

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