Gold WhatsApp Vs WhatsApp Apk Amazing Features

WhatsApp Gold Apk

Introduction of Official WhatsApp Apk

Official WhatsApp APK is the best app for sharing and communicating with others. It is the official version of WhatsApp, so it works to secure your data and allows you to use it legally without the fear of banning accounts. You will enjoy the reliable and straightforward features of chatting. There are a few more options to explore, but the options are advanced and astonishing. 

They have a comfortable chat system which is more accessible for communication with your friends and family. You can lock the WhatsApp with the app lock and turn it off when required. By using the modded APK, you will have the following requirements to follow for communication. There are some necessary permissions for recording audio messages, video calling, and audio calls. First, you must enable the microphone and camera to upload the status and video calling. Send the multimedia files to your contacts and enjoy the free calls using the data. It may be cellular data or the Wi-Fi connection. You can make enjoyable group chats by creating groups and communities. 

About Gold WhatsApp Apk

WhatsApp Gold APK can send customized stickers to eliminate boring messages. The stickers can be downloaded from the settings of the modded APK. You can customize it according to the situation of the chat. There are personalized themes to enhance the beauty of the app. These themes have worked as background wallpaper and the design of icons. Emoji collections can be used during the chat, which will be fun for the users. 

 These emojis have emotions like happiness, boredom, and shock. The ability of the Gold WhatsApp Mod APK makes it unique from other messaging apps in that you can send large videos without the limit of only 30 seconds.  Also, you can upload the status of up to the limit of minutes for recording and transmitting the audio files. You can use the latest version of the app because it can easily be shared. The deleted messages and the status will surprise you because you can read the deleted messages and watch the deleted status before 24 hours.

Comparison Gold WhatsApp APK Vs WhatsApp

Comparison WhatsApp APK & Gold WhatsApp
Main FeatureWhatsAppGold WhatsApp
Frequency of UpdatesInfrequentFrequent
Chat BackupGoogle DriveMobile Storage
Custom ThemesNoYes
Media Sharing30Mb200Mb
Calling FeaturesBasicAdvanced
Media CompressionHD qualityReduces quality
Encrypted ChatsYesYes

Mod Features of WhatsApp and Gold WhatsApp Apk

Mod Features of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Gold Apk

Anti-Deleted Messages and Status

 The Official version of Mod APK has no feature of reading deleted messages, but the Gold WhatsApp APK has this opportunity for their use. The Gold WhatsApp Mod APK has advanced updated features. The Official WhatsApp Mod APK does not include the anti-deleted messages and status option, which means you can read out the messages that have already been deleted and view the status within 24 hours of it being deleted. The Official WhatsApp has simple chatting features and cannot read deleted messages.

Chat Lock and Hiding

In the Gold WhatsApp Mod APK, you can lock the chat of the person you want to keep private with the chat lock, which may be in the form of a pattern, fingerprint lock, or face ID. The high rating of the app is due to the customization from the view of the users and having the authority to enable or disable it whenever you want to do.

Still, the Official WhatsApp Mod APK needs to have this type of privacy. You cannot lock the chat of a specific person. You can close the app by the app lock. In the modded APK, you just have an option of archiving the conversation and groups, but it doesn’t hide it from the view of the other persons.

Pre Built Scheduler

 The pre-build schedule option is part of the Gold WhatsApp Mod APK setting and isn’t in the Official WhatsApp Mod APK. You can search for it in the Gold WhatsApp APK setting and use it to remind you of special events and send customized messages. If you need to improve in memorizing things, this option is crucial. You don’t have to worry because the Gold WhatsApp Mod APK has the feature of Pre-built scheduling, which has the customized message and sends it at the right time that you have fixed. The official WhatsApp mod APK needs the opportunity for its users.

Block Numbers

Both modded APKs have the blocking option to block the no-longer-needed and offensive numbers. You have the full-time authority to block and delete any numbers from your contact list. In case of blocking the number, they will not see your last seen or profile picture and will be unable to message you. 

This way, the Official WhatsApp and Gold WhatsApp Mod APK prioritize the users’ privacy. You will feel safe and have the command over each action of blocking the unknown numbers by using the latest version of the APK.

The Gold WhatsApp Mod APK has the authority to block the call by which you allow the contacts to send text only, but the call is not permitted.

History of Chat

In the official WhatsApp Mod APK, you can save the history of the chat by the backup system. Also, you can have a backup of your discussion and export the conversation anytime. The chat history can be exported as a PDF file by linking the WhatsApp and Google accounts. It will be secure, and you can get the essential contacts history in your account and find them anytime by clicking.             You can also check the time and the date of messages in the chat. Even the shared files will remain in the chat history. If you delete the record, you can delete it permanently, and no one can have access, even if they have access to your account.

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