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King Whatsapp
App NameKing WhatsApp
PublisherApp Development Team
GenreSocial App
Size76 MB
Latest Versionv.30
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
App RequirementAndroid 5
Update1 days ago
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King WhatsApp APK is a fast chatting app in which you can have multiple features. There are about 2.2 billion users of the King WhatsApp Download. It’s the ultimate WhatsApp mod. You can explore the different customized theme options to decorate your icon styles and chat backgrounds according to your choice. There are some extraordinary features, such as hiding your last seen and the status and having the option to download the status in this app.

King Whatsapp

You have the full authority to command over that who can call you. If you don’t want to receive unwanted calls, you can block them and activate the “Autocall Decline” option. It will disconnect the call of the unknown person automatically without your rejection. You will experience efficient and more private chatting with the WhatsApp King APK. 

To freeze the last seen, you have to go to the king WhatsApp setting and freeze your activity status so that nobody can see the final time of the activity’s status. The app has an inbuilt translator, which allows the translation of different languages and makes it convenient to chat with others. You can have a good conversation experience with the different languages related to people by the built-in translator.         

Features of King Whatsapp Download APK 

Features of King Whatsapp Download APK 

Privacy options

The King WhatsApp APK is famous for the privacy option where you can explore hundreds of options for the privacy of your chat because your messages and calls are end-to-end interrupted. And no one can see it or hack your data. Privacy options are available.

You can secure your account by locking the app. You can hide blue and double ticks from your contacts who send you messages that are not necessary. You can avoid them this way; they will never get the idea.

Smooth Communication and Transferring

The Whatsapp King Download APK’s primary purpose is to share files from one to another. You can message your loved ones who are at a distance. They will receive your messages in seconds and tell you about them through communication. This modded APK has no boundary of files to be sent because you can send the data of large MBs at once by installing the latest version of the King WhatsApp APK.

Variety of Themes

WhatsApp King APK has beautiful theme designs that you can explore. This design includes attractive colors and pictures of various animals, flowers, and places. You can set them as the chat background and also the keyboard background. If you don’t like the themes’ designs, you can browse them from Google and the gallery to put your pictures as background wallpaper using the King WhatsApp Mod Apk.

Chat Lock And Hide it

The chat lock and hiding chat options are available in the WhatsApp King Download APK. These functions keep the user’s data and the discussion private. You can hide the conversation after locking it with the password selected while locking the chat box; nobody can access it without a password. To enable it, you have to click the privacy and security option on the King WhatsApp Mod APK and then the option of hiding the chat.

Schedule Messages

The messages scheduling feature is present in the King WhatsApp APK, which is helpful for people who cannot remember the dates of special events. They can set the scheduled message and time, which will be sent to the contacts at the specific time and date you did not remember manually and send it.

Anti-Delete Messages and Status

Anti-delete messages and status features help to read the deleted messages. If the sender has sent you a note and, before watching, they have deleted it,  you can see because of the latest version of WhatsApp King APK. You can also recover deleted images, videos, links, and other documents.

Lots of Emojis

The King WhatsApp APK has a lot of emojis that express your text more clearly and show your emotions. It has packs of different emotions like happiness, sadness, excitement, and horror. You can use it according to the situation of the conversation and also for the fun of the chat.

Free Calls

There is the option of free calls in the WhatsApp King Mod APK. This feature will allow you to call your friends and family without any boundary of time or place. You can call anytime, anywhere you want. You just need the internet for the call. You can contact them by audio or video calling, but you need to permit the camera and microphone of your device to record your voice. 

Downloading Procedure of King Whatsapp Download APK

King Whatsapp Download APK
  • You can follow these instructions to get the app on your devices. 
  • By enabling the unknown resources of your device from the setting of the phone, you will avoid harmful viruses from attacking your phone. 
  • Search for the latest version of the modded APK by typing the King WhatsApp APK in the Google search bar from any website. 
  • You can find the downloading link. After clicking on it, the app will start downloading. 
  • And after completing these procedures, you can use it after installing it. 
  • You must verify your number by the PIN code that WhatsApp has sent you. 
  • Then, you have to allow the terms and conditions of the modded APK and some other necessary permissions to your app, like microphone, camera, and location.


WhatsApp King  Download APK has incredible features for theiusees. After installing it, you will love the designed themes and the icons’ beautiful appearance. For exploring beautiful designs, you can do creative ideas. There is an inbuilt translator, which helps communicate with people in different languages speaker.  You can give them a fast reply in their language and also understand their messages. 

With this feature, the King WhatsApp APK allows you to create different accounts for the app on a single device. You can log in to multiple accounts at any time. Your data will be secure because the privacy options of the app are rigorous. You can talk to people in different patterns, like sharing images, videos, PDFs, and video and audio calls. There is no problem with low credits on your mobile because it just needs the internet connection availability.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How can we remember the special by using this app?

You don’t need to remember the dates manually because the King WhatsApp APK has a message scheduler feature.

Is there any option of reading deleted messages and the status of your contacts?

We can use the anti-revoke messages option in the WhatsApp King.

What are the functions of the in-built translator of the King WhatsApp Mod APK?

King WhatsApp Download APK has an inbuilt translator, which helps communicate with people of other languages. Now, you can communicate across every boundary of languages, and you can share with people worldwide.

What do you mean by the multiple account support of The King Whatsapp? 

It has the accounts option, meaning you can log into the various accounts on a single device.

How can we freeze the last seen in the King WhatsApp APK?

Search for the privacy setting of the WhatsApp  King APK, and then enable the “freezing the last scene” option, which will freeze the last seen so nobody can see your activity’s status.

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