Plus WhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version (Jan 2024)

Plus Whatsapp Apk
App NamePlus WhatsApp
PublisherApp Development Team
GenreSocial App
Size85 MB
Latest Versionv.34
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
App RequirementAndroid 4
Update1 days ago
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Introduction Plus Whatsapp Apk

WhatsApp Plus Download is the top-rated social media platform for communication and data sharing. You can enjoy the features of being online or offline. Hide the dot by turning off the activity status if you don’t want to show it. Also, the freezing of your last seen is present in which the blue tick is shown after reading the messages you received in WhatsApp plus App Download 2023. You can hide these features from the privacy and security options. You don’t need to install multiple apps for chatting and sending files because WhatsApp Plus offers all these functions in a single app. 

There are millions of users of The Modded APK due to its flexibility and simple understanding of rules. These functionalities have the endless fun of communication. A chat will remain between you and the next person because it has end-to-end encryption of calling and chatting. The pack of emojis on the keyboard will impress your friends and have a stunning impact on your text. 

You don’t need to stress about the credit to do the multiple packages for calling and texting because all these calls and text messages are complimentary. You just need the internet connection for flow. You can download it easily from Google Chrome without any issues. WhatsApp Plus Download has an excellent rating due to its functionalities and legal usage.            

Mod Features of Whatsapp Plus APK Download 2023

Plus Whatsapp of  Features

Multilanguage Option

WhatsApp Plus APK makes communicating with people IN different languages easy. Because it has astonishing features, such as the multi-language option, it helps share files with people from other countries. 

If you don’t understand the languages, you can translate the text into your native or the English language. You don’t need to use the Google translator because WhatsApp Plus Updated APK has a built-in translator, a multi-language feature.

Flexible Themes

The flexible themes mean you can have fun with theme designs by applying them in the background of the chat. The Official WhatsApp Mod APK doesn’t have this feature, so you have to install the themes from Google, but now the WhatsApp Plus Download 2023 has made the themes designs pack for the user’s convenience. The users of the modded APK easily download the theme and apply it. These themes are designed to give a stunning look to your updated app.

Variety of Fonts

Various fonts are available to decorate your chat and make it more stylish than the usual boring messages. These font sizes are available in small, large, and medium sizes. This is useful more than just chatting; it can also apply to the home screen that shows the chat list of the contacts. You can use the Italian or the underlined words style to enhance the beauty of the app.

Hiding Options

The primary function of downloading the Plus WhatsApp APK is its strict privacy features. These privacy options include hiding the activity status from your contacts; you can have selective contacts who can see your profile picture or online status. You can lock the chat, and nobody can access the locked conversations. For app locking, these options are customized according to the choice, like turning options on or off. You can also hide the groups or the contacts by archiving.


The WhatsApp Plus APK has a cleaner that works to clean the junk files that cause the lagging of the app. You can clean the chat and get free storage space for the important stuff. These essential files can be saved by deleting the unnecessary files by choosing and clearing selective messages. The overburdened files make your WhatsApp lag and cause other issues, which block your WhatsApp Plus APK account.

Messages Scheduler

The message scheduler feature is present in the last WhatsApp Mod APK, which reminds you of the events that are important to you. If you have a loose memory of remembering the birthdays or anniversaries of your loved ones, it’s OK because installing the Plus WhatsApp Download APK 2023. You can automatically get a reminder of the specific event; you just have to customize a message, and then the modded APK automatically sends the messages to the targeted contact at the exact time and day. The message scheduler is present in the updated version of the Plus WhatsApp.                

Transfer of Files

The Plus WhatsApp APK Download helps exchange files and essential information between people. It can be in the form of a group or individual for the group discussion. You may have to combine groups and have a conference call for the group discussion, but you can individually message the specific contacts you want to talk to.

Audio Recording Pause

There is an advanced feature of pausing while recording the audio message, which means you can record your message. In this way, you can have flawless and longer recorded audio messages. The power is the purpose of taking a break and memorizing the things you want to record for sending to the contacts. With this feature, you can have the recorded message without a limit of MBs.

Downloading Procedure of Plus Whatsapp Mod Apk 2023

You must do these steps to get your device’s latest WhatsApp Plus Updated APK version. 

  • The first step includes enabling the unknown resources option of your device to protect your device from harmful viruses that may cause issues in your device.
  • The second step is to search for the modded APK by its name in the Google search bar and then find the downloading link in the website by discovering the link on it.
  • Start the downloading process, which takes a few seconds. 
  • Then, the file will be downloaded in the download folder. You can check your device. The file will be located in the download section from there.
  • You can install it before using the app. You will see some options in the app: the terms and conditions of the app you must check and accept.


WhatsApp Plus Download 2023 has updated features regarding the Official WhatsApp, which ensures the users’ privacy by hiding the freezing last scene and the activity status from your contacts. You can edit the app with the latest version without fearing losing data because it is users’ data, and the app keeps it private.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can the WhatsApp Plus Mod APK be used without verification of the number? 

You can only use the WhatsApp Plus Updated APK by verifying the number because it doesn’t make your account active to communicate.

How can we get the theme ideas from the Whatsapp Plus Mod APK?

Using the modded APK, We can check the wallpaper and theme option, which has a wide range of theme designs.

How does The WhatsApp Plus Download APK help you avoid banning your account?

An Anti-Ban feature in the WhatsApp Plus Mod APK 2023 prevents your account from being banned.

What is the most fantastic part of the WhatsApp Plus  APK that users can enjoy most? 

The friendly feature of the advanced WhatsApp Plus Mod APK is the anti-delete messages and status because we can read the messages after deleting them.

Can we add or remove the online and offline bubble in the WhatsApp Plus Mod APK 2023?

In WhatsApp Plus Mod APK, we can hide the activity status bubble by freezing the last seen and turning off the privacy setting from the contacts in privacy and security options .How can we update the WhatsApp Plus Mod APK 2023 without losing the data? When the update comes, we can update the modded APK with the latest version, which will update in Google Chrome. The user’s data remains secured and is not lost

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