Top Free Alternatives of WhatsApp Apk

Top 5 Alternatives To WhatsApp

Different alternatives to WhatsApp include the most advanced option than the official WhatsApp. You can download these alternatives and enjoy the extraordinary opportunities not present in the official WhatsApp Mod APK. These alternatives are listed below.

GB Whatsapp Apk

GB WhatsApp APK has different modifications that give more security to your account of WhatsApp App. You can download it freely from Google. The GB WhatsApp Mod APK has privacy and security features, including options like hiding blue and double tick. This option applies as you can enjoy chatting without being annoyed by others, and no one can see you are active in the modded APK. 

By freezing the last seen, you can hide your online status by the date you want to show as the previous seen. Theme customization is the option of customizing a theme and wallpaper, which makes it easy to have fun with the different designs of a theme. Various theme designs include pictures of antique things, the environment, the astrological, the moon, the sky, or animals. 

So you can use it as a background of the chat wallpaper for a stunning view of your chat. You can have a backup system. This system helps to have the history of your conversation after deleting it.            

OG Whatsapp Apk

OG WhatsApp APK can share 90 images regardless of the limit of only 30 pictures, which is the official WhatsApp APK feature. This incredibly beneficial feature makes the positive app rating more than the other version. You can block the unnecessary contacts that are not useful to you. You can restrict the call by blocking the Unknown number option in the call security option. 

In this way, you cannot receive the call and allow the people to have only the text option. The privacy of OG WhatsApp Apk gives you the opportunity for any type of help. They will guide you with expert suggestions. Set the group name of more than 35 characters. This is the astonishing feature: you can add emojis while setting up the group’s name or contacts.

Gold Whatsapp Apk

The Gold WhatsApp APK has excellent icon customization options, which gives you the royal look of your Gold WhatsApp APK. You can decorate icons in the app by using the beautiful design of emoticons. The modded APK has quick updates, and developers update it based on more advanced features, which benefit users. It has the basic rules and regulations for using the app. 

You don’t need to worry about learning the uses of the Gold WhatsApp because you will have the instructions for sending messages to contacts. You may have to record your recording if you cannot write the text, and there is an option for audio or video calls, which is more accessible than recording audio or texting. 

 For sharing the app link, video, images, or related documents, you can use the advanced version of the Gold WhatsApp APK because it is a trustworthy transaction without any restrictions. Downloading the Gold WhatsApp is also very easy because you can download it directly from the link on the website and enjoy the features by logging into your account.

Whatsapp Plus Apk

The new WhatsApp Plus APK has the upgraded mod features that the official version of WhatsApp lacks. It has more downloads due to its simplicity and handiness. There is the option of frequently asked questions and answers to resolve your curiosity about any problem. For the smoothness of the app, you must check the updates regularly to enjoy the best upgraded features. There are sticker packs, which you can download and use in your chat. 

Send these stickers to the person you want to send them to and add them to your favorite stickers list. You can use the sticker maker option to make customized stickers and spend your valuable time in creativity. The WhatsApp cleaner feature of WhatsApp plus APK removes duplicate media and unnecessary data that are not in your use. The WhatsApp wallpaper is another option that has a fantastic wallpaper for your chat. There are privacy options for customer care. Message scheduler broadcast messages, make group, new broadcast, WhatsApp messages, and status settings are listed in the WhatsApp Plus setting. You can use WhatsApp Plus online by scanning the QR code link.

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