Alternatives To Gold WhatsApp Apk 

Alternatives To Gold Whatsapp Apk

1) AN Whatsapp Apk   

AN WhatsApp Mod APK has the top features of fundamental usage of the messaging app, which has a complete set of privacy options that protect your account from potential bans. Your data will remain safe without fear of losing it, and the privacy terms and conditions of the AN WhatsApp Mod APK will cover your account.

You can edit messages by simply typing on that and holding the message to select the edit option. This remarkable feature helps you edit the directive according to your desired customization. It is used for updating your messages. 

If you like the status update of any other contacts of your friends and family, you can also copy the status to your status by downloading it, and the downloading process is very convenient. AN WhatsApp Mod APK can download the status video, image or other updates in your gallery, and you can save precious memories on your phone without any extra app installation. The Anti revoke system is introduced in AN WhatsApp APK, which is used for message revocation.

You can uncover the messages that are deleted. You must get all types of information even after deleting it. For exchanging documents without the restriction of MB, you can send them by the AN WhatsApp Mod APK, and all the modded features impress the users by giving them freedom. Schedule messages help you compose your reply and send it to the specific person at their event without memorizing it. You can save time without responding to the notices because the scheduled messages automatically do your role of responding.

2) King Whatsapp Apk

The King WhatsApp APK has royal features that have an astonishing impact on users, and people download it easily. It has excellent power globally because it has an inbuilt translator, an incredible achievement of King WhatsApp. You don’t need to learn the different countries’ languages, for there is the pro version of King WhatsApp Mod APK translator to communicate with them. It makes your conversation easy and understandable. You can make friends from different countries.

 You can translate and write their languages by converting your native language text into another language. The other feature that has extraordinary popularity among the King WhatsApp APK users is that it allows you to use multiple accounts. This support of the modded APK is unbelievable because you can use multiple accounts on a single device. You just need installation at a time and have numerous account support. Besides these, you can enjoy the privacy options, hiding the Blue or double tick. These ticks are an indication of your online status, and you must have to reply in any case.

3) NA Whatsapp Apk

NA WhatsApp Mod APK has the benefit of multi-language. You can use the 40 languages and translate the text by the inbuilt translator of the modded APK; there are beautiful, versatile fonts that are 20 in number, and all are unique. You can use it positively to have an adorable impact on others. Using these, you can make yourself prominent and use it as a caption under the status.

There is an extended image-sharing limit. You can send 100 images while there is a limit of 30 shots in the Official WhatsApp Mod APK. You can take a pause in the audio recording and restart it whenever you want; it will be long and limitless. By taking the break, you don’t have to record or repeat it to remove the error.

To get the internet consumption report, you can get the watchdog, which tells about the consumption of MBs, which are used in sending and receiving images, videos, and documents. The innovative interface of NA WhatsApp Apk will amaze you because it makes the setting of each icon beautiful. For a better experience, the developers have to update the mode with its built-in update mechanism.

4) Red Whatsapp Apk

The Red Whatsapp Mod has stunning functions, which you will never see in the other alternatives of WhatsApp Mod APK like the GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp OG, or any additional version. You can view the status of your contacts and see their updates daily. You can check out the contact details by saving their number.

There are some requirements for having the Red WhatsApp APK. You must verify your number and have used it legally. You can mute the notifications which are not essential for you, and stay tuned by unmuting the messages. There is a voice changer feature for the users; they can use the voice of the different voice covers.

It makes you enjoy the fun moments by sharing them with the people. For hiding the contact name, there is the option of hiding a contact’s name designed for the users’ privacy. A DND mode is used against irritating messages you don’t want to pay attention to, so you can turn it on. It will automatically turn off the notifications to receive.

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